In GSN-2004 the humic acids molecules are in a state of transitional hydration, only a portion of their acid groups are dissociated, which is typical for many bioorganic molecules. The range of pH levels in systems like this lies within the limits safe for bio- and phyto-entities. The product is soluble in water without sediment build-up in a broad range of pH. At the same time it contains significant quantities of non-dissociated acid groups and has a lower negative charge then humates (sodium and potassium salts of humic acids)


Humic acids in this state form gels/spatial structures which determine their various useful properties. The use of GSN-2004, by employing specific metabolic processes, enables plant cells to absorb and digest 99% of useful and needed organic microelements (water soluble salts of humic acids, aminoacids, carboxylic acids) and mineral microelements it contains while not causing any changes at the genetic level.





 According to German experts, over the past 40 years, the use of fertilizers and other chemicals has led to a 20-fold decrease in the saturation of food crops with nutrients



GSN-2004 has been tested for 10 years from 2002 to 2012. The tests demonstrated the following:



Seed treatment (forms the plant, increases immune resistance)

The treatment of seeds is considered an essential and inalienable part of the improvement of the quality and quantity of the crop through the correct and reinforced forming of the plant’s ‘transportation system’

When treating seeds, the following occurs due to the increased germination energy and stimulation of the plant’s specific metabolic processes:

 seeds’ immune system is strengthened;

field (and lab) germinability of seeds is improved (+3% to +15 %, average +5.5 %);

seeds are freed from infection on seed surface;

negative effect of injury to seeds through herbicide and insecticide use is reduced;

seed soak treatments’ effect is reinforced which markedly reduces fungal damage to seeds caused by internal seed infections;

strengthened primary root system is formed (up to +50%);

coleoptile length is increased (wheat — 38.4 mm, barley — 75.9 mm, oat — 65.8 mm);

promoted growth and development of seedlings;



Treatment combined with herbicide (reduces stress, increases immune resistance)


increased plant’s natural immune resistance;

improved adaptation to climate conditions (droughts, frosts, fast temperature changes, waterlogging);

herbicide use induced stress on the culture is reduced (cutting it down from 15 days to one);

gives the culture additional feed of acids and microelements.

 reinforced forming of secondary root system.




Stimulating treatment (increases yield)


 improved adaptation to climate conditions (droughts, frosts, fast temperature changes, waterlogging);

increased content of proteins, starch, and vitamins in fruit;

increased 100-seed weight;

increased yield (+15% to +50%);

 reduced effect of harmful conditions (draught, cold);

reduced dosages of mineral fertilizers (-30% to -50%);

reduced damage to plants caused by diseases;

improved agrophysical and agrochemical properties of soil (water permeability, structure, pH);

increased labile phosphorus in soil.


For instance:

The use of GSN-2004 improves market properties of the crop:

buckwheat grain of 4.5-5.0 mm amount to 92%,

potatoes yield 30-40% more marketable potatoes instead of planting potatoes.



The effect of pre-sowing soaking of seeds in the biostimulator GSN-2004 on root rot damage to summer wheat plants (assessed at stem elongation)


The economic effectiveness of the pre-sowing soaking of seeds in the biostimulator GSN-2004 in the field test at the TOO Saryagash, Kostanay Region (assessed by the results of combine harvesting of the crop)



Are underpinned by innovative, organic, and natural products of our own production:


Biodestructor (GSN-2002) A natural organic compound designed for fermentation of organic waste using native microflora. Produced industrially.


Feed supplement (GSN-2020) for use in animal (inc. poultry) farming


A feed supplement based on the high quality effective natural absorbent with a microbiological additive for feeding and normalizing the activity of microflora in animals and birds (cattle, pigs, cats, dogs, sheep, fowl, etc.). It can be used to improve the digestibility of feeds, reduction of gut disease morbidity and mortality in young farm animals and birds. Currently at the stage of laboratory testing.




Organic seed soaking treatment (GSN-2015)  Currently at the stage of laboratory and field testing.


Organic leaf growth stimulator (GSN-2016) Currently at the stage of laboratory and field testing.


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